Monday, December 20, 2004

Beer Drinkers Against the Mistreatment of Beer

I'm probably falling into their trap, but here goes. While reading some sports headlines on Yahoo I noticed this prominent add for Beer Drinkers Against the Mistreatment of Beer. While I'm all for supporting beer its a pretty strange add for a major web portal like Yahoo. To make things even odder, when you follow the link all your get it a banner with a 'Coming Soon' notice. My guess is it will be a Miller add campaign targeting Anheuser Busch or something like that. Who else but a major company could afford such a weird add.

The Legal Information page on the site indicates the company behind this is Unibev LTD. From what I can tell, Unibev is the maker of Killians. They were once a subsidiary of Coors but they appear to have been divested.

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