Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Search and Destroy v 0.3

I've made some progress over the last few weeks getting Search and Destroy's game mechanics working. Lots of the basic move and exploration commands are now functioning well. Unfortunately the computer player's AI still needs work so it's not available to play against. Currently you can create all the unit types. Units that carry other units can be loaded and unloaded. Combat resolution is functioning well as is damage repair.

Probably the biggest feature of recent days has been the addition of Unit Paths. A Unit Path is a pre programmed destinations for units that enter or are created in a city. Unit Paths can apply for ground units, sea units, air units or any combination of those types. A Unit Paths must start in a city but can end in any reachable hex. Unit Paths are a great feature for managing the automatic movement of your resources. Unit Paths can be created from the menu or by shift-dragging from a city.

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