Monday, December 27, 2004


I awoke this morning to read the death toll from the weekend Tsunami in the south Pacific had reached 22,000. That's a lot of people; more than I can really wrap my brain around. It's like a giant wave hit Fenway Park and took half the people.

I grew up by the ocean and have a lot of respect for and fascination with the dangers it holds. Luckily however I have nothing in my experience on a scale that approaches this tragedy. If you watch Discovery Channel you have to realize we on the east coast of the US are not immune to this sort of event. Granted, the poor people living in the the low-lying areas of south east Asia do seem to be particularity susceptible to water level issues but even so a similar surge of water would kill a lot of U.S. citizens too.

It's with that haunting thought 'it could happen here too' that I read this short account of some U.S. Honeymooners who survived the Tsunami on Phi Phi island off the coast of Thailand. I hope we hear more on this, it's a fascinating thing to have lived through.

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