Sunday, February 20, 2005

Developingstorm Parody

I received an email from Mike Kudla, an old Iris co-worker, today featuring, among other things, a parody of my posting style. I'm both flattered that Mike reads my blog and impressed with his keen ability to capture the essence of developingstorm. Thanks Mike.

As I was surfing the web, looking for references about how late in the year we get snow of at least 5" here in the Boston area, I came across this reference to 5 rattlesnake attacks in the greater Littleton area, since the year 1900. Of course, 5 Being Nomar's number, as well as the number of world championships the Red Sox captured before Babe was sold to the Yankees, is also the optimal number of beers one can consume before
worrying about the effects of a potential hangover (From

This actually reminded me of something I had wanted to blog about, Rhododendron nectar. Did you know honey made from Rhododendron nectar can be toxic? I read about this originally while planning a hiking trip in Nepal. The trip fell through, but the esoteric knowledge about Himalayan bees remains. You can read more about this on the web at: Himalayan Honeybees. Is that arcane enough for you Mike?

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