Monday, February 21, 2005

The Perks of Blogging

As I write this post, I'm wearing a nice new Belichick for President T-shirt I received as a thank you from the folks over at Tailgate Outdoorwear. Back in August I mentioned the shirt and linked to them after hearing about their product on the radio. I never expected to hear from them and certainly I didn't expect a free shirt, but I'm certainly happy that that's how things worked out. I'm glad I can help drive a little traffic to local small company like theirs.

I wore the shirt to my friend's son's hockey game yesterday and it was quite the attention getter. A couple of people actually came up to me to ask about it and I caught a lot more people reading it and smiling.

I like wearing the shirt but I may buy a second one just to keep as a souvenir. In ten years or so when Belichick has surpassed Lombardi in everyone's minds as the greatest football coach ever, they could be a real collectors item.

That got me thinking, the folks at Tailgate Outdoorwear should do a green shirt with faded graphics saying "Lombardi for President in 68.". It might not sell in New England but the folks in Wisconsin would eat it up.

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