Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Beer Church

This is the second post this week that puts a religious theme next to something that we don't normally associate with religion. In this case it's beerchurch.com. I first thought it was a joke but it turns out it's not. Beer Church is an organization that uses peoples general love of beer in order to support charitable, civic and or compassionate causes.

Join us in our mission. Dedicate yourself to making the world a better place one beer at a time. Be nice to people. Care about your community. Don't be offensive in your love of beer. Respect other people who have something different that they believe in or love. Be responsible and use beer as a way to do good things.

You can purchase an ordination certificate from the beer church but this wont allow you to perform weddings or preside over funerals. If that however is what you really want to do, Beer Church's web site includes a link to the Universal Life Church that will legally ordain you for free via the web, and the text of a beer oriented wedding ceremony.

Via Mike Kudla

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