Saturday, April 23, 2005

Chocolate Salty Balls

It's a longer commute to the new job so I get more time to listen to the radio. This Tuesday I was listening to the Hillman show on WAAF and they played a favorite looney tune of mine, Issac Hayes' South Park song, Chocolate Salty Balls. Much like AC/DC's Big Balls song the chorus revels in testicular buffoonery while the lyrics attempt to justify the fun with an alternate explanation for the use of the naughty words.

Contained in the Chocolate Salty Balls song is an actual recipe for said confectionary. I figured someone in this world must have tried these things and it might make a funny blog entry so I Googled around a little looking. While I didn't find anyone who actually made and tried Chef's salty balls I found some variations and other ball related recipes that are amusing.

101 Testicle Recipes & Fun Facts

Recipe for Bushman's Balls

Recipe for Martin's Chocolate Salty Balls

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