Thursday, April 07, 2005

Forbes Article on Notes/Domino and Workplace

First off, I'm no relation to the Dan Lyons who wrote the Forbes article, second I do not have access to any information about the sales figures or Notes, Workplace or Exchange. This post is simply to address the statements by Dan Lyons concerning Workplace messaging being a replacement for Notes/Domino.

Workplace Messaging is one COMPONENT of a MULTI-COMPONENT collaboration platform known as Workplace. Part of the reason for its existence is that some customers didn't want to buy all the functionality of Notes/Domino when all they needed was email - you know the whole ON DEMAND thing. In the sense that one email system can replace another it's a replacement of Notes/Domino, but given that Notes/Domino as a entity can do a lot more than just Workplace Messaging, this is really an apples to oranges comparison.

On a tangential point of Notes/Domino evolving into Workplace, there's a lot of work going on to make them work better together and to get the Notes client code to work inside of WCT so there's a lot of truth to this statement. At a vision level a personal desire of mine, that I don't think is being worked on, is that the NSF layer of Notes/Domino be extracted and made available for generic non structured storage needs. That's probably just a pipe dream but it would be cool.

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