Friday, April 29, 2005

Missing Posts

Observant readers may have noticed some posts have been removed. I recently received a call from my previous employer that indicated they believed the contents of one post violated the employee agreement I had signed back when I had worked for them. There weren't any specifics about what they didn't like so I took a guess and removed the part that I thought they may have objected to. Because the post also dealt with issues outside of said corporation I indicated the edit with some text that said 'Anecdote removed upon request by XXX'. I called the lawyer back and told them I had made a change and that I would be happy to make further edits if these were not sufficient. Two days later I received some email (I requested email correspondences) that stated the changes were not sufficient and that I must remove additional information. I puzzled about what to do and just decided to remove everything I had said about XXX, including the positive stuff.

I maintain that what I said was not in violation of my employee agreement. I mentioned version numbers of existing products that are public knowledge. I mentioned one of their products being hard to install, but that's public knowledge - unless someone actually think XXX has secret install technology that it just doesn't share with its customers, but then again, maybe they do and they just didn't share it with me (Have I gone too far again - crap it's hard to know). I used a vague large number to describe the number of people effected within the corporation, but again it's public knowledge XXX is a big company and they have lots of people working for them. Lastly I summarized the situation with a colorful metaphor - goat rodeo, cluster fuck. Perhaps, in retrospect, asshat circus would have been less offensive.

It's true that what I said wasn't flattering and that's probably the crux of the problem. As I've said before on this blog, big corporations spend a lot of money to protect their image. But it's too bad they can't take some constructive criticism. If I just said they sucked - which I don't believe is the case, I probably would have been better off. But my conscience is clean. I tried on the inside, I tried on the outside and the result have been the same. Too bad.

In a previous deleted post I mentioned I intended it to be my last on the subject. The same is true for this one. But to paraphrase Pacino in Godfather III, every time I think I'm done, they keep dragging me back in. Peace out.

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