Thursday, June 02, 2005

Shared-Spaces talks about Kubi

Michael Sampson of Shared-Spaces has written a post about Kubi Enable on his blog. It doesn't tell you much about our product (for that, run the demo on Kubi's home page), but it is nice to see Kubi getting some press.

In his post Michael mentions a question he didn't ask when he attended a recent Kubi Web seminar: "What is your reaction to Julio Estrada (who was the founder and original lead architect at Kubi) leaving the company to work on the Microsoft Exchange team?". I can't answer that for the corporation but on a personal level I was saddened when Julio told me of his decision to leave but I can also tell you I was satisfied with his explanation and it didn't effect my decision to leave IBM and join Kubi.

Given that the original question was rather leading, I'll turn it around and ask this: What is your reaction to a senior developer/architect and original member of Workplace product team (me) leaving IBM to work at Kubi Software? My guess is you would say, you're only one person, products are built by teams. I think the same holds true.

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