Friday, July 15, 2005

Abecedarium etc...

Ned's recent post about Abecedarium poems piqued my interest enough that I wrote a couple. They're fun little challenges. I wont defend their virtues as works of art but I think they're pretty cool.

A basic conundrum.
Does eloquence follow general hubris?
In jest, kindly lummox make noise,
overly pompous quills reign.
Simpletons talking under veils
Whilst xylophagous yeoman zig.

Apple butter churned
during early frost
Golden hearth illuminated
Jam knife laid mecurialy near oyster plate.
Quiet rain. Snow threatens.
Under vermilion winds,
xenial yearning's zeal.

I had to use the web for help with X words and the best source I found was this page on If you like unusual words it's a fun site to browse.

Another interesting thing I ran into during some Abecedarium related web searching was the Abecedarium Nordmannicum rune poems, a set of Norse abecadruim using the younger futhark script. I can't say I've spent a lot of time looking at the pages but there's a whole world of rune study out there that find this stuff fascinating.

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