Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I found myself creating a bunch of classes today that all ended with the suffix Manager. As I sat lamenting this situation I recalled an old post by Ned on the topic. A quick search led me back to the post, but alas, it only offered a few alternatives. Rather than just press on and overload Manager I decided to build a more comprehensive list for my own use. Here it is.

Abstractor, Accountant, Actor, Adjudicator, Adjuster, Administrator, Agent, Appraiser, Apprentice,Arranger, Assembler, Attendant, Auditor, Babysitter, Bagger, Breeder, Brewer, Builder, Bundler, Captain, Checker, Chief, Classifier, Clerk, Collector, Comptroller, Controller, Coordinator, Dealer, Director, Distributor, Drainer, Estimator, Eviscerator, Executive, Expediter, Finisher, Gatekeeper, Gatherer, General, Generator, Guide, Handler, Helper, Host, Hostess, Inducer, Inspector, Installer, Jockey, Judge, Juggler, Keeper, Laborer, Librarian, Lieutenant, Manager, Mechanic, Mediator, Modeler, Observer, Operator, Pilot, Planner, Polisher, Porter, Preparer, Processor, Purifier, Receiver, Referee, Repairer, Representative, Salvager, Scribe, Secretary, Sergeant, Shepherd, Stacker, Supervisor, Tender, Tester, Umpire, Winder,
Worker, Wrangler.

Much thanks goes to the Job Genie. Of course, you know, after wasting a bunch of time compiling this list I'm still inclined to stick with Manager. It just seems less contrived.

Updated on 9/15: Added Umpire, Referee and Controller

Second update on 9/15: From Ned, Judge, Adjudicator, Comptroller,

Third update on 9/20: From Ned, Juggler

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