Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm a Hurricane Evacuee

I've been quite the past few days because I've been on vacation. The plan was to spend a week in Key West with my wife to celebrate our 9th anniversary. Those plans got cut short on the 19th (our actual anniversary) when the people in charge of such things ordered a mandatory evacuation of all visitors, trailer residents and live aboard residents from the Keys due to hurricane Wilma lingering off the coast. The hotels basically just kick you out and tell you to leave. No additional advice. Luckily we had a rental car and a connecting flight in Ft. Lauderdale for later today so we packed up our stuff and headed to South Beach, Miami. As we passed through Islamorada and we stopped for lunch we got filmed by the local channel 10 news team as we sat at the bar eating. I don't know if we made the news or not. It was kind of surreal. The locals were all feeling pretty jittery and storm weary. Talk centered around downed trees and the pain in the ass of boarding up windows and such. Getting a chance to visit South Beach has been fun. I like the Keys better, they're more my style, but South Beach is a funky and fun place too.
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