Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I've got Goose Bumps

This afternoon I put on my headphones, dialed my iPod to play Neil Young's After the Goldrush (It was on my mind from my previous post), and sat down to do some coding. After 15 minutes or so of work I needed to do a full build, so I kicked that off, and opened a browser to do some reading. I quickly found this great Zeldman article titled Web 3.0 on A List Apart, and started to read. The weird coincidence is that as I reached the last paragraph of the piece - called "It's only castles burning" - Neil Young was singing the last verse from "Don't Let It Bring You Down".

Don't let it bring you down

It's only castles burning,

Just find someone who's turning

And you will come around.

This wasn't a loose overlap either. As my eyes parsed the sentence, Neil sang the exact words. Very, very cool.

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