Sunday, July 18, 2010

Julio's Liquors in Westborough

I spent the weekend getting ready for my annual Hermit Island camping trip.  Yesterday I needed to stock up on beer and pick up a couple of bottles of good tequila for our traditional tequila alter (pictured above).   There are a couple of very good liquor stores near my home (Harrington Wine and Spirits in Chelmsford and Acton Liquors) and I'm familiar with both their selections but I was looking to find something special and different so I decided to go on a little field trip to Julios.  I'd seen Julio's mentioned on a couple of blogs as having a great beer selection and I recalled I'd actually been there a few times 15 years or so ago when my parents where living at the Willows senior care facility in Westborough.  I figured I'd take a trip out that way and check the place out again.

It was well worth the trip.   The beer selection was superior to either of my local places and I'd venture to say the best I've seen.  There were many Belgium brews I was unfamiliar with as well as many rare bombers from various American breweries.    It was not quite beer Nirvana, as there were plenty of beers I looked for and didn't find, but it certainly was worth the 30 minute drive.  I grabbed a case of Green Flash West Coast IPA, a few bombers of Ballast Point Sculpin IPA and a six pack of Lagunitas Maximus.  None of which are readily available at my normal stores.

Unfortunately, the tequila selection wasn't great. I think if I'd been looking for Rum, Scotch or Vodka I'd have been happier as they all seemed to have a full isles dedicated to the spirits whereas tequila shared its shelves with brandies.  That said, I did pick out a couple nice Reposados for the alter: a bottle of Chamucos, which I love and has seen the alter before,  and a bottle of Espolon, which I've never tried but had a cool label. 

The wine selection look good as well but I didn't venture a close look.  I did nab a couple of hot sauces and some Blair's Death Rain from their hot spice isle though.  It's a cool store.
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