Monday, January 31, 2011

Beer Notes: Sunday Jan 30, 2011

Sunday was my diet cheat day so I hit the Horseshoe Pub in Hudson for a lunch and a couple of brews.

I started off with a Meantime IPA from GB.  The crew behind the bar tried to warn me off it as many people haven't liked it but I tried it anyway.  There was definitely some funky yeast things going on with the beer.  I don't know of the keg was spoiled or that's how it is supposed to taste.  I love funky yeast flavors so I enjoyed my glass but I can see why folks expecting a traditional IPA wouldn't like it. 

My second beer was another IPA but this one from Nebraska Brewing.   The bar crew said most people liked this beer and I can see why; it's very nice standard IPA.  But honestly, to my taste buds, nothing stood out about it.  It was good but not memorable.  Given that I don't see many beers from Nebraska I'd probably try more of their products but my expectations wont be high.

The third beer was an Affligen Noel.  A classic dark Belgium Christmas Ale.  If I didn't have to earn a living I could drown myself in this stuff.

The beers were accompanied by a bag of the Horseshoe's homemade chips and some fried Calamari.  Both were tasty but the portion of Calamari was skimpy.

After a nice afternoon nap I drank the Nøgne Ø #100 I blogged about earlier.  I drank it from a snifter at winter cellar temp.   It poured beautifully with a nice head.  Mouth feel was rich but it still was pretty quafable for a Barleywine.  The hops are pronounced on the nose.  It nicely scratched the itch I've been having for a Barleywine.  I'll certainly buy another bottle.
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