Saturday, January 22, 2011

Diet week 3. No measurable progress

Ouch.  There was no measurable progress this week.  I stepped on the scale early yesterday and the lack of progress was so disappointing I fell off the diet train and I had some rice with the Thai food I had for dinner.  I need to regroup.  My motivation is definitely slipping.

Next week I'll try adding in regular cardio and go back to including a salad (with beans) as a fourth small meal in the afternoons.  I did that the first two weeks but started skipping it this week.  I need to drink more water too.

On a positive note, I'm feeling great.  I know I'm eating a lot less calories than I did before and I'm eating healthier calories as well so even if there's no visible progress I know my body is thanking me.   The exercising is going well too.  I'm regaining both strength and endurance.

Fit by fifty. Fit by fifty, Fit by fifty!
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