Saturday, February 19, 2011

Diet week 7: It almost doesn't feel like dieting anymore

I weighed in at 288 this morning.  That means I've lost two more pounds and am back in the 280s and almost half way to my first goal of loosing 50lb.    The fact is I'd like to loose a bit more than that but thought a goal of "50 by 50" had a nice ring to it. 

To motivate myself I dug out some old pictures this week from my late 20s when I was both jogging and hiking a lot.  I don't think my knees will ever let me be that active again but carrying this weight around is only making my knees and back worse.  I recall I weighed just about 205 when this picture was taken.  There was a short period during that time I managed to get below 200 briefly but I don't think this was it.

The above old-school panorama is from Mt St. Pirat near Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Alberta Canada; at 8600 feet it's the highest mountain I've ever summited.  I try to treat the dieting process like a difficult mountain hike.  It's really all about putting one foot in front of the other and persevering when the going gets tough.   

You may find it amusing to know that in my backpack on the above hike I had 2 Big Rock Brewing, Cock O' the Rock Porters with me and I drank them on the summit.  Some things never change. 

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