Saturday, March 19, 2011

Diet Week 11: Lots of Exercise but no Weight Loss

If I'm not on a diet plateau I don't know what else you could call it.  I really ramped up both the cardio and the weights this week - full body, lots of core but the scale did not move.  I did cheat and have beer one day this week when my team went into The Foundry on Elm in Somerville for a milestone celebration for our work on our current project.  (They had Dogfish Head Red White on tap.  How could I resist?)   I only ate a salad with shrimp so I only cheated on the beer. 

Honestly, I don't really care.  Spring is almost here and I'm feeling great.  I know I can't get to complacent though.  Lots of salad next week and let's see if I can move that damn needle.
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