Friday, April 29, 2011

Beer in Ireland

I didn't leave my beer explorer hat at home when I traveled to Ireland so I figure it worth a post from that perspective.

It won't surprise anyone that Guinness is available just about everywhere in Ireland.  What you may not have known is that Bud is readily available too.  They call it "Bud, Ice Cold" and many places even have special taps that get all frosty.  I had no intention of trying it so I can't comment on its taste.    If a place didn't have Bud they probably had Carlsberg on tap.  You can also find people drinking bottles of Coors Light and lots of places had Stella.   I don't know if these beers are for the tourists or whether the natives drink them but I hadn't expected to see so much light lager. 

Smithwicks' Irish Red is nearly as prevalent as Guinness as was Bulmers (Magners' name in Ireland).  What I didn't see a lot of was Harp.  I meant to ask a local why that was but never did. 

New beers I got to try: O'Hara's Iris RedGalway Hooker Pale Ale and Porterhouse Brewing Hop Head and Oyster.  Good stuff all around.

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