Sunday, May 15, 2011

Irish Male

I was conversing with someone on Reddit's beer forum this morning when I recalled a drink I'd had years ago called an Irish Male.  It is a glass of Champagne with a shot of Irish Whiskey in it.   I learned about this drink from an old Clarke Gable movie but I don't recall the movies name and I can't find any reference to the drink on the web.

I've made the drink on a few occasions as a sort of a joke.  If I recall the movie correctly, its name is meant as either a brag or a derision in that only an Irish male would be in pursuit of being as drunk as this drink will get you.  I've never had an appetite for more than one or two but I'm sure it gets you where you're going.  If you actually drank these all night the headache the next day must really be something special. 

If you happen to stumble across this post in your own search for information I'd like to hear any details about the drink you can recall.
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