Monday, May 09, 2011

Welch-Dickey Loop hike

 I hiked the Welch-Dickey Loop trail this weekend.  This is a 4.4 mile trail that starts just a short way off Rt 49 in Campton/Waterville.  I had wanted to hike Osceola from Tripoli road but found the road still closed.  This was a spur of the moment backup plan and it was a great find.

If you like ledge scrambles (and who doesn't) this trail is for you.  I ascended the steeper Welch approach and had some real slippery moments as some drizzle wet the rock but overall had no difficulty beyond a few rock  ledge steps that I had to overcome in less than graceful fashion. 

For years I've held the Cardigan climb I did last week as the cream of the crop in terms of its ease of effort to greatness of reward ratio but I think this climb tops it.  Cardigan is a bit easier overall because you can skip a lot of the exposed rock if you're not feeling up for it but the views on Welch-Dickey start about a mile from the trail head and don't stop from there.

The hike last weekend hobbled me for most of the following week so I was really pleased to find this hike did less damage. I'm sore but I'm not limping. It's progress.
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