Sunday, June 05, 2011

American Craft Beer Fest 2011

I attended the 2011, Saturday evening session of the American Craft Beer Fest at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston last night.   My session wasn't sold out but it was the largest crown I've seen.  This may have been because I usually go on Friday nights.  We changed over because last year there were quite a few booths where the brewers didn't arrive in time to setup.  I hear that was an issue again this year for at least one brewer but perhaps the tradeoff of shorter lines is worth it.

I wasn't interested in standing in long lines to try beers I've already tasted from the major brewers so I spent my time among the lesser known and local companies.   I didn't keep notes so I'll just report on the brewers that had enough of an impact on me that I can remember their names.

White Birch Brewing.  These Hooksett, N.H. guys are quickly rising on my list of favorite N.E. brewers.  They brew very small batch interesting beers.  I had a bottle of their Hooksett Ale a couple of weeks ago and loved it and got try try a couple more at the Fest.

Cody Brewing.  This is another very small N.E. brewer.  The beers being poured at the Fest were noticeably improved over the ones I tried last year and the few pours I've had a local pubs since.  I like the styles of beers they're brewing and they're getting good at it.

Ithaca Beer Co.  I love their Flower Power IPA and had a chance to try their awesome 'E' at the show.

Gardner Ale House.  Their Face-Off Double IPA was damn tasty.

Others I enjoyed in no particular order: Bobcat Cafe & Brewery, Boulevard Brewing, Elements Brewing,  Offshore Ale Co, Surly Brewing,  Three Heads Brewing.
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