Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just Watched: The Fantastic Mr. Fox

This movie surprised me.  I had heard it was good but that's faint praise.  This movie was awesome.  It's funny, beautiful and unlike any other stop motion film I've seen. 

I like animated films and they've certainly been enjoying a Renaissance lately, but I don't get as excited about them as a lot of my film buff friends.  I think Pixar does a nice job but I never like their films nearly as much as they do.  The one exception being Toy Story 3 which I loved (I've not seen Up yet but I have hopes for that too).

The films of Hatao Miyazaki are also quite popular but I've seen so many and they all kind of mush together in my head.  Recently I tried to watch Ponyo and though the animation is stunning I found it rather boring and didn't finish watching it.

So it was with this background that I sat down to watch Fantastic Mr. Fox.  I'm sure at some point previously I had heard it was directed by Wes Anderson but I didn't pick it up while watching it till the end credits.  In retrospect his fingerprints are all over this movie. 

Clooney does a great job bringing Mr Fox to life.  His voice is so recognizable It's a little weird at first but his cool Ocean's 1N style fits the character perfectly.  Much to my shame I never pegged the voices of Meryl Streep, Bill Murray or Willem Dafoe to their animated counterparts.  I didn't know they were in the cast but I still think I should have been able to pick them out.   I can claim Owen Wilson but that's an easy one.

So if you get a chance.  Check this film out.  It's great,
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