Sunday, July 10, 2011

Beer travel: July 9th 2011

I traveled north yesterday and visited White Birch's brewery in Hooksett NH. It was very cool. They truly are a micro brewer.  There's not a whole lot more than what's pictured.  Every inch of the space is dedicated to beer.  The nooks and crannies are full of carboys fermenting new experimental brews.

My tour guide was an apprentice brewer and I picked up a bottle of his apprentice brew - a beer the bottle describes as a summer barley wine.  I look forward to try it.  

And check out the awesome mash-paddle.  It didn't dawn on me when I was holding it but I think it's a riff on Worf's weapon from STNG.

On my way home I made a pit stop at Strange Brew in downtown Manchester NH.  It's a great bar and as luck would have it they had two White Birch beers on tap: Hooksett Ale and Hop Session.  I love the Hookset but while the Hop Session has great flavor the mouth-feel is a little flat with no head at all.    If they can tweak the recipe a bit I'm sure I'd love it too.

On a final note, I love parking in Manchester.  There are no meters, just these little 'Pay & Display' stations where you can buy a display ticket with cash or card.  It's so convenient.
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