Friday, March 22, 2013

The Chaw

Honestly, I started listening to this album because I loved the cover.  Besides being a big dog fan the band's name strikes me funny.  Are they named after a wad of chewing tobacco or a dog's chew toy.  That sort of dichotomy is in my humor wheelhouse.

As for the music, imagine if Dick Dale made an album with the Doors and you'll have an idea of what the music sounds like.  Lots of surf sounding guitar along with deep moody vocals and an overall seedy vibe.  The sort of music that would be used as a soundtrack to movie about a outlaw motorcycle gang.  

I flirted with another somewhat similar sounding band called The Black Angles but I grew tired of them pretty quickly.  The Chaw in contract has had some staying power on my frequent play list.  Even if you don't enjoy them as much as I do you have to appreciate a bunch of musicians who aren't making music that sounds just like everything else. And if my initial chuckle about the band name was intentional perhaps they even have a sense of humor about themselves.

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